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doing my job Jan. 7th, 2005 @ 06:15 pm

yea...go...i better c u there, ill b the one running around like a blooody ape taking pictures... this is ur time to get on the site with a pic with the band memebers (maybe) so... FUCKING BE THERE!!!!

SENSE OF BEING: 2004 in review Dec. 31st, 2004 @ 04:17 pm
Jan. 9th 2004 - Sense of Being plays its first show @ Boardz n Bladez causing an upscale riot with sunchips and emo bashing.

Jan. 18th 2004 - Sense of Being plays its first Solid Sound show

Jan. 22th and 23th - Sense of Being plays back to back shows at churchills.

Feb. 21st - Sense of Being plays Surf Cafe and I suffered major concussion from repeative hits to head with mic.

Feb. 22nd - The original SOB demo is finshed.

Feb 27th - SOB's first Culture Room show.

March. 12th - Solid Sound

March. 18th - First Kelsey club show

March. 19th - Culture room w/ Scars of Life and One

March. 20th - Surf Cafe w/ Stillkept

April. 18th - SOB opens for Element Eighty and accidental Experiment @ Culture Room.

April. 24th - SOB plays Solid Sound

May 8th - 2 shows one day. FAU/kelsey club w/ Slang and Stillkept

May 15th - SOB plays and wins over 15 other bands with Trendkill for Adema/Endo opening slot @ Club Ovation

May 22nd - SOB opens for Adema and Endo w/ Caveat Emptor.

June 4th - SOB plays solid sound studios

June 5th - SOB plays Surf Cafe

-Earnest departs from SOB. Dan takes bass role-

June 26th - Dan's Debut show @ Solid Sound w/ Absolute Asylum and Slapstick

July 2nd - Culture Room w/ SAQ

July 16th - Solid Sound

July 24th - 103.1 Battle of the bands @ Kelsey club

August 8th @ Broadway Billards w/ Absolute Asylum.

The new EP recorded and mastered

August 17th @ Kelsey club

August 28th @ Solid Sound w/ Stillkept

Sense of Being recieve opening slot for Soulfly on September 27th

September 27th - Soulfly show canceled due to hurricane jean =( . . ::shakes fist::

October 1st - Stillkept w/ O.F Beatdown

October 9th - Sense of Being opens for Dry Kill Logic and Salem's Cradle @ Culture room.

October 31st - Orlando's Backbooth w/ 3rd Limb and Filth Tree

November 5th - Last ever kelsey before closure w/ Slang and Indorphine.

-Dan announces his departure due to personal differences-
-Earnest returns on bass-

December 3rd - Solid Sound w/ Slapstick and Filth Tree

December 4th - Titusville, FL w/ Filth Tree

December 17th - Solid Sound w/ Slapstick


January 15th @ Island Oasis (Orlando, FL)
w/ Human Factors Lab and 3rd Limb

Feel free to post whatever shows you attended sticks out as most memorable!!

SEE YOU ALL IN '05!!!!!

Welcome everyone Dec. 25th, 2004 @ 05:17 am
Created for our fans and supporters who have a Live Journal to post on. Have fun, keep it clean and most of all.....keep it fuckin' metal!!

Earnest (da fukin' bassist)

Oh and Happy Holidays muthafuckas!!!

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