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Sense Of Being Community

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Nov. 7th, 2005 @ 06:53 pm
omg i <3 sense of being.
wait i lied.
these girls <3 sense of being
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Sep. 11th, 2005 @ 12:48 pm

3-16-05: SENSE OF BEING Newsletter Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 11:54 pm

The band's April 2nd appearance @ the Masquerade has officially been
postponed until further notice. Future show date may be held possibly
sometime in May. Look out for more details.


Fri April 1st @ Solid Sound Studios, Pompano Beach FL. Admission $7.
Also appearing: Headdrive, Eversinceeve, and more!!

Fri April 15th @ Skatezone Underground, Lake Worth FL. Admission $8.
Also appearing: Absolute Asylum, Headdrive, and more!!


I know its nearly 2 months late for this and we apologize but the
pictures from the CD release party from anuary is finally online. Special
thanks to Wendy Brown for the amazing pics. Go to the LIVE section of the
photo gallery and check them out @ www.senseofbeing.net

Upcomming Shows Mar. 11th, 2005 @ 02:21 pm

Pic was taken and 1/2 manipulated by Earnesto's GF...
everything else, text, colors and what not, that was me...
Word nigga

Photoshoot Feb. 17th, 2005 @ 08:59 pm
Ok, well there is a Sense of Being photoshoot happening soon, with some great pictures for posters and advertizing bullshit.

Reminds me to tell the fucktards to gimme a call.

I am going to have to make a banner for this community, and help out with a TOTALLY different lay out, then again, Ashley is better with layouts than I am, so shes the chick to ask on that.

Sorry to say Earnest, this layout is so BOOOOORING!!!

Love you daddy! LoL

Ok, so for the Sense of Being Photoshoot, here is your time to tell me what you think would look cool for poster ideas, I will take comments and what not into concideration.

No I am not putting any memebers in dresses... ive gotten that from someone already, thats not going to happen... nice try tho!

Well, gimme a holla on right here, or you can gimme a shout at my e-mail ight!?


PS> my e-mail is Spinindevil@aol.com
Other entries
» 2-16-05: SENSE OF BEING Newsletter


On behalf of the entire band I would like to thank all of the fans and friends
that have helped us in anyway or have just streight up come out to support us
and kick our fucking asses like you continue to do everytime we play before you.
Our CD release was a major success thanks to all your help and we cannot thank
you all enough for it!

We have been working on some new material and I must say that it is by far a
dramatic turning point in the sound and feeling of SOB. We are all at the
highest point we have ever been as a band, as friends, as people, and as
musicians in general. I personally feel that the most dramatic factor in the new
writing process is the new material is being geared to challenge us as
musicians and really bring out the fullest in all of us. I can say straight up
that all of the new music is the most brutal music we have ever done. Its
technical, its raw, its brutal, and its very hateful.

We all have alot on our minds and alot to express on this newer material and I
think that true fans of metal and all the SOB fans will really feel where we are
coming from when you hear the direction. We will be playing shows in West Palm
in March followed into April at Solid SOunds and Lake Worths Skatezone
Underground. Keep your eyes open for more details soon!!


I agree wholeheartedly with Drew in regards to the new Sense Of Being material
in the works.

The new stuff we are currently writing is definitely exciting for us cause we
havent written this consistently with this unit ever and I know alot of people
will be proud.

It's raw.

It's honest.

It's brutal.

But more importantly it's Sense Of Being!!!

It's so weird to talk about this shit right now especially since 'Benevolence'
has only been released for nearly a month but there is a new found strength and
togetherness in the 4 of us right now. Especially in the creative department of
Sense Of Being and I am proud of that.




Sat. March 5th: Spankys, West Palm Beach, FL . 7pm. Admission $8. Also
appearing will be Headdrive, Indorphine, Evensinceeve, and Slapstick Remedy.

Fri. April 1st: Solid Sound Studios, Pompano Beach FL. Admission $7. Also
appearing will be Headdrive, Killik and more TBA


Vote for Sense Of Being's "Tears Of Phoenix" on D'ADDARIO's "We're listening"
contest @ http://daddario.guitar.com. Just type in 'Sense Of Being' under the
artist name and 'Tears Of Phoenix' under the song title.


Tshirts and stickers and other apperal will be available this spring.


» 2-13-05: SENSE OF BEING Newsletter
We know things have been kinda quiet since the CD release party and the release
of Benevolence and we apologize for that but we finally have a few updates!!


Sat. March 5th: Spankys, West Palm Beach, FL . 7pm. Admission $8. Also
appearing will be Headdrive, Indorphine, Evensinceeve, and Slapstick Remedy.

Fri. April 1st: Solid Sound Studios, Pompano Beach FL. Admission $7. Also
appearing will be Headdrive, Killik and more TBA

More announcements to come this week so be on the look out!!


» 1-25-05: SENSE OF BEING Newsletter

-We wanna thank all our fans and supporters who came out this past Saturday night @ Solid Sound Studios to celebrate the release of "Benevolence" with us . We are honored and priviliged that you all participated in a very special night for us. We hope you all enjoy the new CD. Feedback is encouraged so you can all leave reviews on the CD on our guestbook @ www.senseofbeing.net

-We also wanna thank STILLKEPT, QUIXOTIC, SLAPSTICK REMEDY, OSIRIS RISING, ABSOLUTE ASYLYM, and THOUGHTS OF APATHY were sharing in an awesome night with us.

-The staff @ Solid Sound Studios for allowing us to put on an awesome show.

-Pete for filming footage of the hopeful future DVD release and Wendy Brown for all the kick ass pictures.

~Defense Mechanism **NEW**
~Till The End
~Devestation **NEW**
~Tears Of Phoenix
~Withered Away

We have alot of suprises in store for the future of Sense Of Being so be on the look out for big announcements in the near future.


Drew, Ernesto, Earnest, and Rafael


Jan 28th: Underground Skatezone, Lake Park. Admission $5. Show starts 8pm. Also appearing will be Headdrive, Osiris Rising and more!!!


The new EP "Benevolence" is on sale now for only $7. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can email the band @ senseofbeingband@yahoo.com or attend a future SOB show and it will be on sale at the SOB merchandise booth.



Available for only $7. If you are interested please visit www.senseofbeing.net or email us @ senseofbeingband@yahoo.com

Listen to the first single "Tears Of Phoenix" @ www.myspace.com/senseofbeing and www.purevolume.com/senseofbeing


1. Ragnorok
2. Relapse
3. Tears Of Phoenix
4. Disposable
5. I Defy You
6. Knife
7. Doubters

Also dont forget..........this coming Saturday January 22nd @ Solid Sound Studios. The CD Release party with Sense Of Being. "Benevolence" will be on sale also for $7. Also playing will be Stillkept, Osiris Rising, Quixotic, Slapstick Remedy, Absolute Asylym, and Thoughts Of Apathy. $7 admission @ the door. For more info you can email the band @ www.senseofbeing.net
» OOps..

Ok, yea I know the date isnt on the flier

The date is January 22

so if no one knew the date, you do now.... be there or be EMO!

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